3M Car Care Kit Large

  • 10% off & 3M Microfiber Cloth FREE
  • Availability:2-3 Days
  • Brand: 3M
  • Rs.1,749.00 MRP: Rs.1,944.00

  • 3M Shampoo: 500ml
  • 3M Type Dresser: 500ml
  • 3M Dashboard Dresser: 500ml
  • 3M Liquid Wax: 200ml
  • 3M Microfiber Cloth: 40.64cm X 40.64cm
  • 3 Microfiber Cloth 40.64cm X 40.64cm (Free with this Kit)

    Liquid Wax -
    Its ideal for hand and machine use, make sure the surface is cool, dust free and in the shade when you apply the wax

    Specialty Shampoo - Effective with hard and soft water, remove tough dirt and road grime

    Tyre Dresser - Do not use on wet tyres, clean the tyre before using

    Dashboard Dresser - Leaves no gresy residue, protects surface from UV rays and prevents fadin

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