Philips XtremeVision G-Force Car H4 headlight bulb

  • H4 G-Force Car bulb (12V, 55W )
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  • Brand: Philips
  • Rs.850.00

  • Performance means more light and longer lifetime - Philips X-tremeVision G-force headlights are made for outstanding performance
  • Significantly whiter light to improve comfort and safety - The bright white light of up to 3500 Kelvin is significantly whiter than standard headlamps
  • One of the brightest bulbs: ultimate light performance - With its optimised high-precision filament geometry, up to 13 bar high-pressure gas filling, high-precision coating and UV-Quartz glass
  • See further and react faster with up to 130% more brightness - Perfect illumination is especially important in the distance – usually between 75-100 metres in front of your vehicle
  • Endurance performance bulbs for vibration resistance - Don't let a pothole be the end of your car lights. Today's journeys can be a challenge to your car
  • Philips is the choice of major car manufacturers - Technologically advanced Philips lighting is renowned in the automotive industry, and has been for over 100 years
  • Among the safest road-legal headlights - Philips X-tremeVision G-force is among the safest, easiest and most efficient way to upgrade your car headlights within legal parameters

  • Philips X-tremeVision G-force headlights confirm a milestone in automotive lighting. They are engineered for the ultimate performance and uncompromising visibility
  • The lights are fully ECE certified
  • Producing up to 130% brighter light, without compromising on the lifetime
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

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